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As I had promised, after a very nice and calming swim downstairs in the outdoor pool, I once again found inspiration to write about my experience in this surreal place called HKUST.

HKUST dorms

Exactly why do I feel so mystified everyday??!  See, my dorm is located directly across the mass of water surrounding the University, filled with hiking trails, misty evenings, and sometimes even typhoons (don’t worry, it’s only been level 1 thus far and can be quite nice when it is seriously humid outside). But that being said, everything is within walking distance and I absolutely love the convenience of it all. The sports facilities, the ‘Unibar’, canteens and cafes, and most importantly, other halls full of exchange students just like me. It’s essentially like Lister, only think of multiple halls (7 in total) all within 5 minutes walk of each other, and the quality of halls as a whole building ranges so that the higher the hall number, the newer the hall is. Subsequently, that also means the more expensive it is.

***FYI: Renting a double room for one semester can range anywhere from $4000-$6500 HKD, depending on the hall you get!

Anyway, I just met my roommate yesterday (MJ). She’s what they call a full-time international student. This is different from us ‘exchange students’ as they study at HKUST for their entire degree. I observed this mainly through the fact that I brought one suitcase & a duffel and she brought about…4 suitcases, 5 duffels, and a few big boxes here and there. lol. Despite the baggage, she seems really nice and I look forward to learning some Korean lingo from her! ^_^

Green, blue, and gray.

Oh and one last thing. Yesterday,  about 180 of us exchange students went on the Lantau Island Tour, which consisted of us going to see the big Buddha via light rail and more than anything, the vegetation in Hong Kong surprised me the most. River-bank woodlands, lowland woodland, low-hill forests, montane forests, and even palm trees! It was then that I realized how much Hong Kong embraced the idea of fusion. Fusion of metropolitan life and mother nature. But even on another level, having interacted with locals and visiting high traffic areas made me think even more so, the adaptability of international eclectic lifestyles yet still remaining somehow authentically Chinese. Interesting.

Well, it’s that time again. Tomorrow is my last “first day” of school in undergrad. Hopefully I’ll learn lots from all my classes. So far, it looks pretty good.


Effective Negotiations- MGMT 235

Corporate Strategy- MGMT 321

Fashioning Identities- HUMA 100

Architecture- Pritzker Prize Winners HUMA 200H.

Plus on top of all that there is a Welcome Feast for us iVillagers! Gah, I’m so excited to meet all my floor mates, suite mates, and hall mates!!! I hope the feeling of excitement doesn’t give me bad sleep…

Ok, talk to you all soon enough. ^_~



About annahkf10

There is no better way to know me than to know some of the things I love the most about life in and outside the School of Business: * Marketing, specifically brand management, communications, strategic management, and entrepreneurial initiatives *Case Competitions (JDC West, Alberta Internal Case Competition) *AIESEC *travelling!!! because there is every reason to *camping, hiking, nature things *hip-hop, musicals, live concerts *indoor and beach volleyball, running, swimming *** AND last but most definitely not least, studying abroad. Oh and I forgot to mention but is very true... I love meeting new people, and would love to meet YOU! HAHA. But on a more serious note, for those who have any questions or are interested in studying in Hong Kong and I did not address your question through my blog, feel free to send me a quick e-mail, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible! For people who already know me, I am so excited and I really appreciate you following my blog! Hopefully you will have as much fun reading it as I did experiencing it. ^_^
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10 Responses to iLive. iLearn. iVillage!

  1. Janny Smith says:

    So glad to see you make it to Hong Kong. Haven’t read all of your postings yet, but it seems that you are going to like it there. Interesting courses you are taking – Identities and architect – and I hope you will learn a lot of different things there. Also please excuse my ignorance: what does HKUST stand for? The kids are going to start back to school after the labor weekend, so have you started your semester yet? Have a great year in the foreign homeland!

    • annahkf10 says:

      Aww… Thanks for asking! =) Most people find it to be a mouth full anyway- HKUST stands for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The semester started as of September 1st and finals end as of Dec. 22nd so I look forward to spending Christmas and my birthday in HK, but I will be back home for New Years! ^_^

  2. Johnny says:

    “Despite the baggage, she seems pretty nice….” bahaha. You should see me when I travel! I think I have the most stuff among all my travel buddies. I hope you don’t think I’m too hard to get along with =P

    Hey when you went to Lantau Island, did you get a chance to eat the vegetarian meals at the restaurant there? It was THE BEST vegetarian stuff I had in my life. Next time I go to HK, I’m definitely hitting up that place again.

    I’m glad you are doing well. I wish you the best of luck for the new semester. I’ll be praying for you.

    • annahkf10 says:

      LOL well on the flip side, because MJ has an abundance of essentially everything, I have now saved some money and borrowed her ‘winter semester’ blanket as opposed to me buying one and carrying it back home.

      Hmm…”would Johnny be good to travel with?!” That is an unknown, but as for your excessive baggage haha… I’m not too worried about that. I have heard only good things from a very reliable source so I think on a scale of one to awesome, you’d be close to the latter as a traveling buddy! ^_~ BAHAHA.

      About Lantau-If you mean the only meal of the day that was provided for us at the temple, then yes. I did have an excellent vegetarian meal at the Po Lin Monastery. At first, the place seemed somewhat unsanitary and I thought I may regret it later on that day, but they were surprisingly tasty and quite filling too. Bean curds, taro, tofu, corn, mushrooms, deep fried artificial seafood, it is all delectable esp. when you are a starving student. The meal proportions at HKUST are rather…unbalanced. I.e. two pounds of rice, maybe two branches of bok choi, and about half of my palm size worth of BBQ pork for $9.90 HKD. That’s the special each day, only after 2:30pm. haha

      Last, but most def not least, Thank you for your prayers!! I feel absolutely honored. LOL and if you have any prayer requests, I take email, skype, or facebook. =P

  3. JT says:

    Thankyou for this blog! It has been VERY informative and makes me want to go to HKUST even more!!!!!!
    I am actually going to go to HKUST exchange next year (2011), and atm in the middle of organising visa, etc………
    I just wanted to ask, since you are in iVillage that would mean that you got accepted in Hall VII, how did you make your application for iVillage Hall VII stand out to be accepted?
    Kind regards.

    • annahkf10 says:

      Hi Jason!

      Thank YOU for commenting! ^_^ It’s always good to receive feedback from future exchange students!!

      In terms of my hall application, in all honesty I think it really depends on the way you respond to the survey questions, as well your resume- i.e. the kind of extra curriculars/initiatives you take on, what kind of activities motivates you etc. that are taken into consideration as I know people who are equally qualified as me in terms of work experience not make it in, so I think it just depends on the overall FIT of your lifestyle and what iVillage looks for. THAT and the obvious of sending in your application on time. Since it’s a first come first serve process, I’d say do it early and do it well.
      I hope that answers your question, if not, please feel free to fire me another email or comment!


  4. JT says:

    Just wanted to ask one more question, in regards to exams, did you find it any harder/easier to study compared to when you were at your home university?
    And, how long are you exchanging for at HKUST?

    Thanks 🙂

    • annahkf10 says:

      Hmm, interesting question. It really depends on which courses you end up choosing. If you are in your 2nd or 3rd year, taking the majority of your core courses in finance or accounting for example, I’m sure the level of difficulty will be about the same, if not even more difficult than your home university simply because the average local and mainland student here studies….A LOT. But for me, since I am taking all my free electives this semester, I have not experienced the same amount of stress and tension that some of my fellow exchange friends have experienced. So, all I can say is, choose your courses wisely?

      As for how long I am staying, I will only be here at HKUST for this semester.

      I hope you have fun in your incoming semester! =)

  5. JT says:

    Awww….Thats would be bad news for me, cos most of my courses that I plan to take are acct and finance courses…. 😦
    Was the whole experience at HKUST all smooth? i.e. enrolment/accomod/anything.. Is there anything that I should be wary or anything that you can warn me about?? Since you have gone through this whole process.

    Anyway, I think this may be last question (unless something pops up in my head) Thankyou so much for your replies!!!! I also wish you the very best in your remaining time at HKUST!! It seems, from this blog you have had a blast!!!!!!!

    • annahkf10 says:

      Hi Jason,

      Sorry for the late reply. Life has been a bit busy these days. I think as an overall statement, it’s safe to say that no matter how much you try to prepare for your experience in HK, there will be situations where something might come as a surprise to you or that you may not have experienced. I for one have definitely had some interesting experiences but in terms of school alone, I don’t think you will have any major difficulties as the accommodations, amenities and people here at HKUST are quite helpful. That being said, if I can think of any serious issues, I will send you an update.

      Hope all goes well with the rest of your application and best of luck for your semester abroad! =)

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